Update on the blog


I hope you are enjoying reading my blog.

For those  who are new to the blog, I encourage you to become an email follower so that any updates are sent automatically to your inbox in the future.

I will be posting update posts on a weekly basis going forward, with a forthcoming article on the future of the Labour party, the global implications of a Trump presidency and coverage of the key US election debates starting at the end of this month.

Please keep checking the blog for updates and I encourage your comments and feedback.



Update on the blog

3 thoughts on “Update on the blog

  1. Oli says:

    On trying to ‘follow’, I get this error: “Your subscription did not succeed, please try again with a valid email address.” I have tried various email addresses, all the same. I think there might be an issue with your WordPress setup.


      1. Oli says:

        That’s right, I was able to subscribe, but not through this website. Instead I went to WordPress.com and logged in, then copied the URL of this blog, and pasted that into WordPress.com and it recognised it and allowed me to subscribe, that worked fine.

        Using the little button in the bottom right hand corner of the blog here didn’t work.


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