Forbidden knowledge and alarming data signals

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“Since January 2022, the number of live births has fallen like never before in Switzerland and the canton of Bern,” reads an urgent report by canton legislators. A separate Swiss research study, meantime, reported a 10 percent decline in births in the first half of 2022 compared to the prior three-year average. Using statistical modelling, it found “a striking temporal correlation between the peak of first vaccination and the decline in births in Switzerland.”

The Missing Babies in Europe

At a civilizational level, the mountain peak, 2019/2020, is getting further away but the future, the descent down to a future deindustrial Dark Ages, remains for the vast majority of the hikers invisible.

Yet the hikers, keep on hoping that this is a mere short-term drop before we “return to normal” and carry on into the upward lands and peaks of progress. It is not going to happen. The stark reality is we are now in the “end of more” era as Peter Zeihan writes in his latest and brilliant book on the collapse of globalisation. I am still reading his book – a baby has a tendency to reduce your reading time! – but broadly speaking his outlook is similar to John Greer’s.

At a global level we face a twenty-year economic depression, the collapse of globalised supply chains, a return, at best, to local and regional economies for those parts of the world that don’t totally decivilize in the decades ahead. I have recently blogged on what steps we practically can do to adapt to this changing world and I recommend you read those if you have not already.

Some of the themes I will be discussing are responses to what is really the end of the civic myth of progress we are witnessing across the industrial world. One of them is the impact of the mass Covid vaccination campaign we saw across the developed world in 2021. Vaccines represented hope to many, after the collective trauma of the return of pandemic and the medieval policies of quarantines and lockdowns. 

Whilst I see some people in my circles now saying they never wanted to get vaccinated, the truth is most people seemed quite happy to get jabbed in 2021. Whilst some resisted until restrictions on travel were introduced, most either passively or enthusiastically embraced getting vaccinated.

There are more and more alarming data signals coming through on the potential impact of the vaccination programme.

Excess deaths are soaring across the vaccinated world and the independent statisticians crunching the numbers see a strong correlation between the vaccines and excess deaths. This article by the blogger John Paul goes into the excess numbers recently here.

Something very weird is happening, since the experts expected lower deaths in 2022, given so many vulnerable elderly folks had sadly died during the Covid pandemic.

My own view is there is a correlation between excess deaths and vaccinations, but it isn’t the only factor. It is a major factor, among other issues including Covid itself, massive backlog in treating people who are ill and the lasting impacts of lockdowns on society. Teasing out those drivers in the excess deaths is nearly impossible.

My hunch, and it remains a hunch, is that the mRNA vaccines (and to a lesser extent the RNA vaccines) are the main driver for the excess deaths but of course that might be wrong. There should be an honest and open debate with the authorities fully investigating what is going on, but instead, there is a weird silence going on. That, in itself, is suspicious.

What is even more alarming than the excess death data signal is the massive and very unusual drop in the birth rates. This article goes into it in detail here.

Interestingly, and I track the mainstream media closely, there has been zero acknowledgement of what is going on for 2022. Again, the statistical analysis suggests a strong correlation between vaccines and dropping birth rates although I’m sure some will challenge that.

If, and it remains a big if, the vaccines really are impacting fertility, we potentially face a very serious issue if this trend continues into 2023 and beyond. The industrial world, as Zeihan writes so eloquently in his book, faces severe demographic challenges from an aging society. A society that, due to the rushed vaccination of its fertile young, accelerates the baby bust in the 2020s is facing an even greater crisis in the future.

Should word leak out that the inability of some of the vaccinated youth to have babies is the result of the Covid vaccines they were pushed to get in 2021, the blowback, in time, with the medical and political establishment will be enormous. From that perspective, the decision by Twitter, now privately owned by the billionaire Elon Musk, to end all Covid “misinformation” censoring is a huge danger to the authorities. If dissident scientists are able to tweet and bring into mainstream circulation these issues, at some point, the media or the populace will become aware and start asking hard questions.

I don’t think we are near that tipping point yet, but if these horrifying trends continue, it will, at some point.

Best case for the authorities, assuming that there is a connection between the excess deaths and the falling birth-rates with the Covid vaccines, is it is time limited and over time, whatever is causing this will fade away. In that case, the authorities will probably get away with it. I will be put down as a weird Covid/lockdown quirk in the data or simply dismissed as unknown.

I don’t have a crystal ball but I wouldn’t be surprised if these issues don’t fade away but if anything, get worse over the next 5 to 10 years. We can only wait and see.

Forbidden knowledge and alarming data signals

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