Election vote counting


I may have slightly jumped the gun proclaiming Joe Biden as the winner of the presidency.

There is still a chance, probably small but not impossible, that Arizona may be called for Trump. ABC news is not projecting it as a Biden win yet.

Pennsylvania, a key state for Trump, looks competitive and we will find out within the next day or two (hopefully) who has won. Also, Nevada, which is likely to end up in the Democratic camp, looks very close at the moment.

So to summarize, whilst I think it is likely that Joe Biden will narrowly win the election, I haven’t entirely ruled out Trump springing a last-minute win, particularly if you see some mail-in votes rejected should it go to the courts in the coming days and weeks.

Election vote counting

8 thoughts on “Election vote counting

  1. PassedAndGone says:

    Nah, it’s over…You acquitted yourself well. And you got some things correct.

    Unlike yourself, however , Greer still is running away from discussion for now (particularly the fact his 350 EV prediction was on its face crazy)

    John Michael Greer says:
    November 4, 2020 at 10:30 am
    Another brief but relevant comment: as suggested in the preliminary note, by the way, discussion of the US presidential election just past is off topic for this post and comments relating to it will not be put through. Thank you!

    The country/world could be screwed anyway, regardless of results. Good luck to us all.


  2. lookingforintelligentdisagreement says:

    You didn’t say it was absolutely finished. Nor is Trump suing you. So I think you are okay.

    I would add that it seems a key reason the polls were wrong is that they underestimated just how much Latinos would swing for Trump. It was predicted, but probably underestimated. But all that will come out with the details eventually. I’m also guessing that the black swing for Trump probably was smaller than some thought it would be. Once more details are available, we might see that Trump overperformed in most states with large Latino populations (except Arizona) and came to his demise due to Milwaukee and Detroit.


  3. What is definitely clear is that the polls were wrong. Wall Street is fuming with the pollsters as they traded, pre-election, on the basis of a Blue Wave which never happened.

    This was a bigger polling error then in 2016 so my skepticism about the mainstream polls was proven right.

    Agree, it is a unfortunate that Greer is not allowing discussion on the result as I would have like to hear his perspective on what happened.

    Overall, I am proud that I have largely got my Senate and House calls right and whilst Trump under-performed slightly in a few key battlefield states, it was very close and could easily have gone the other way. And in that alternative world, my 60% forecast would have been proven right.



    They weren’t wrong everywhere. They seem to have been close in Georgia and Arizona and Colorado and I’m guessing others that got less attention. And they seem to do just fine when Donald Trump is not on the ballot. Even his allies abroad seem to have been polled correctly. Only Trump, and most likely he will never be on a ballot again.


  5. Naomi says:

    I class Greer as a wise man – despite the fact that we are poles apart religiously. What happened in this election in the swing states is completely improbable statistically. Anybody who looks closely, including those few poll pundits, not running with the “anti Trump” pack, who called in correctly everywhere else in the country, is thinking “Naaaa..” to Joe Biden being elected as President with more votes than Obama. This is not over yet. Quite a few million of us are thinking that. I wouldn’t be surprised if Greer is one of them.


  6. Naomi says:

    John Greer has made several comments on his Dreamwidth page about the election.

    “The second point I’d bring up is the outcome of the 2020 US election. That can be summed up quite simply: both sides lost. The Democrats hoped (and the Magic Resistance did workings) for a blue wave, the Republicans hoped (and alt-right magicians did workings) for a red wave, and neither side got what they wanted. Liberal pundits such as Politico’s Jake Sherman are calling the results a disaster for the Democrats, but it certainly wasn’t a triumph for the Republicans. What’s more, whoever ends up being inaugurated as president in January, once the smoke and dust of lawsuits settles, will have no mandate and will be considered illegitimate by half the population of the United States…”.

    And this in his most recent post:

    “May I be frank? This is far and away the most malefic mundane chart I have ever studied. Six of the nine planets are clustered in two tight stelliums that are square to each other, and the other three planets are basically out of the picture. I have no idea if Donald Trump or anyone in his inner circle pays the least attention to astrology, but if so, I hope he has the great good sense to button up his ego, let his legal challenges slide, prepare to depart the White House with whatever theatrics he considers appropriate, and thank his lucky stars that he can sit out the next four years and get ready for 2024. Whoever is inaugurated this coming January will be walking face first into a buzzsaw. ”


  7. Naomi says:

    just a few more things from his comments section:

    “I didn’t predict that Trump would win in a landslide. I thought he would take a modest but comfortable edge in the popular vote and a decisive win in the electoral college. I’m still frankly baffled by the way things turned out, and if it comes out that there was vote fraud involved, I can’t say I’ll be surprised.
    That prediction was not made on the basis of astrology, however; it was made on the basis of my personal read of American politics. Left to myself, I would not have predicted so disastrous a presidency for Biden, but that’s what the stars say. ”

    ” 1) Each chart has something to say about what’s going to happen. That’s why I noted in the post that the inauguration chart would be modified by ingress and eclipse charts.

    2) I was incorrect. I took the time to look up the details of the 20th amendment, which specifies that each term starts at noon on January 20 of the year following the election. That made it possible to settle that point in advance.

    3) This chart is only valid for the presidency that begins at the date given. If Harris takes over partway through, her inauguration chart supersedes this one.”

    “I suspect we’re going to get a much larger crisis. The reason I don’t expect the coronavirus to continue to have a large political role is that in this chart, as well as the Capricorn and Aries ingress charts, the ruler of the 6th house of public health isn’t especially important or especially afflicted. Certainly this chart suggests much bigger political issues taking center stage.”


    1. Hi, yes, I’ve also seen those comments.

      Striking that Greer’s non-astrological or “rationalist” thinking is quite different from what the astrological charts are indicating. Greer has developed his astrological side of work in recent years and is a income earner in its own right.

      Myself, I’m open minded on whether it works or not. Time will tell if there is a strong correlation between what is predicted in the astrological charts and real life on Earth.


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