The cavalry is coming


“One of our themes over many years has been the waning influence of economists on political decision-making. Their influence reached a peak sometime in the first decade of this century, and has been declining ever since. It was the financial crisis and its aftermath that triggered the change. The pandemic is doing the same to the community of scientific advisers. This is true in the UK at least, but we think it is beginning to happen elsewhere too.”

Eurointelligence briefing

“I expect a significant number of people will line up to get the vaccine. (Look for the people who have masks on when they’re alone inside their cars — they’ll be in that line.) I hope for their sake that an experimental vaccine of a type never before approved for use on humans, that’s been rushed through the testing process so quickly that there’s no data at all on middle- or long-term effects, and has a serious risk of setting off severe immune system reactions with a sharply increased risk of autoimmune diseases, will turn out to be perfectly safe anyway…”

John Michael Greer, A Faint Whiff of Lemonade


The end was in sight.

You could sense the hope in the air.

And in their hundreds of thousands of people across the West lined up to take the miracle vaccines in hospitals and dedicated Covid vaccination centres.

The politicians, the regulators and the scientists promised that the medical risks of taking the revolutionary new vaccines emerging from the labs of America and Germany was remote. Celebrities were lined up to take the vaccines on live television to reassure the public.

And for a few months’ things went well. Until it didn’t.

On social media, cases started to get reported of patients suffering severe side-effects from the Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech vaccines. Exhaustion, hair loss and the failure of internal organs were the common signs circulating on the internet.

At first, these social media reports were censored and cancelled by Big Tech, determined to root out anti-vaccination misinformation online. But people carried on spreading them, and in the weeks that followed, brave medical doctors started blowing the whistle.

And then the dam burst.

The mainstream media, overwhelmed by the growing number of stories of people with increasingly catastrophic health consequences after taking the Moderna/Pfizer vaccines, reported it. Panic followed, medical regulators banned any further vaccinations and a huge backlash against the scientists followed.

Fantastical? Maybe, but the facts are – as outlined by Greer’s post at the top of this blog – that the Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech vaccines are experimental, revolutionary and have never before been approved for use on human beings.

We can hope that there are no serious side effects and they prove as miraculous as they appear on paper but nobody will know for certain until millions start being vaccinated from next week.

Nor do many people know – and to be fair nor did I until recently – that something similar happened during the Swine Flu pandemic in 2009/2010. The swine flu pandemic was one of those near misses that the world dodged over a decade ago until we got unlucky in 2020 with the Covid-19 pandemic.

At the time, there was a very real fear that swine flu was the Big One – the global mass pandemic that would kill hundreds of thousands – and a vaccine called Pandemrix was rushed through. Regulators approved it and, in the UK, key workers in the National Health Service were vaccinated.

Politicians, regulators and scientists all said that the vaccine was safe.

Except it wasn’t.

Some NHS workers were unlucky and developed narcolepsy as a consequence of receiving the vaccine. Narcolepsy is a chronic sleep disorder characterized by overwhelming daytime drowsiness and sudden attacks of sleep. It can also lead to sudden loss of muscle tone and can have disastrous implications for those unlucky enough to suffer from it.

As this BuzzFeed article notes, many of the NHS staff were unable to work again and had to retire at an early age. Their lives were ruined. And they still haven’t got acknowledgement from the NHS or the UK government of what happened.

I encourage you to read the article, it is truly harrowing.

These miracle vaccines – and one can also include the Russian Sputnik as well – could prove to be one of the most revolutionary medical break throughs in biotechnology in the 21st century.  Cancer, and other fatal diseases could be ended should they work.

And this is very much the consensus view of the establishment. Financial markets have priced in successful mass vaccinations in 2021 that will end the Covid-19 pandemic and allow a staged return to normal by 2022.

But nobody is talking about the possibility that these vaccines have disastrous side effects. Because if they do, the implications will be huge.

The men and women in the white coats in the hi-tech labs are very much the high priests and priestesses of our own secular religion; the faith in progress. The emergence of these vaccines is proving that “the science” and the wider faith in progress is vindicated.

But what happens if the vaccines are discredited like the Swine Flu vaccine was in 2010? Given the stakes, it will discredit the scientific establishment in the eyes of millions and lead to an outpouring of public anger and grief at those who promised that the vaccines were safe to take.

The scientific community haven’t had a great track record so far during this pandemic as noted by the Eurointelligence briefing.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) initially said that the virus was not spread human to human. It went on to recommend against border lockdowns even though super spreader individuals were spreading the virus from China around the world.

After the world panicked and politicians locked the borders, there was further confusion from the scientific community on the effectiveness of masks. Now we are told it must be mandatory but only 6 months ago, we were told there was no scientific evidence that masks work.

But this confusion, mixed messages and failings can be explained away to a certain extent. Some responsibility will be shifted to the politicians who ultimately made the decisions. Others can be put down to the partial and at times false information given to the WHO by the Chinese government in the early months of the pandemic.

The vaccines, on the other hand, will be a make or break moment for the global scientific establishment. If the work, our high priesthood will be treated as heroes and heroines saving us from the Covid pandemic.

If they prove to have catastrophic health implications for some who get vaccinated, it will be Science’s Waterloo moment. Millions will lose faith in the system, science and progress itself. It will accelerate our descent into the Long Descent as millions turn to alternative faith systems, whether political, religious or New Age.

Eventually, as predicted years ago by John Greer, the angry mob will viciously turn against the “killer scientists” and burn down the hi-tech labs that created these monsters once the populace finally gives up on progress.

The cavalry is coming

3 thoughts on “The cavalry is coming

  1. Lookingforintelligentdisagreement says:

    The other mRMA vaccines that have been under study for years have not had longterm, let alone catastrophic, side effects. They had short term side effects and lower effectiveness. There is no reason to think that a zombie apocalypse is a risk.

    And if the US had responded like South Korea or Australia, we wouldn’t be facing such tough choices. But here we are, 3000+ deaths per day for some time to come. By inauguration day, the death toll will probably be comparable to WWII. Too many people wanted a magic cure rather than sucking it up and defeating the virus like SK or Aus. So the vaccine is our magic.


    1. That isn’t factually true.

      The long-term impacts on these vaccines are not known yet. For some, that risk might be acceptable given the risks of getting and dying from Covid, but for those at low risk of Covid, they may prefer to wait for a future vaccine that isn’t reliant on experimental technology.



    Right, the first vaccine for any disease is not usually the best one. And people at low risk probably won’t even be able to take it for at least a half year even if they want to, just due to supply issues.


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