The Experiment


“I do not subscribe at all to “vaccines are making people sicker than they’d be if they’d gotten COVID”. However – some very hard truths are beginning to emerge – this is an organic from the ground up kind of thing and will take months/years to sort out. I was at a medical staff meeting at my own hospital in the past week. We all on the medical staff know that we have been very very busy in the early fall. Usually that time of year is very quiet around here. But we were all horrified to learn that the actual numbers of the patients in the hospital for non-covid non-OB non-peds related issues had literally gone up by double digits – many of the diagnoses had increased by upwards of 50%.

These included all the bread and butter medical problems, like CVA, MI, CHF, PE, DVT, pneumonia and most prominently – a huge surge in type I diabetes and other diabetic complications. These numbers on all of these diagnoses were literally off the chart compared to 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017. The abstractor had even done a population based per capita study – and the numbers held.

Very strange that all of these diagnoses would be astronomically increasing all at once in OCT 2021.

That kind of across the board increase would be unique in my entire career at any hospital. The cancer registry is also through the roof – interestingly we are having a major increase in malignant melanoma and renal cell carcinoma. Again – no obvious explanation. Breast cancers were also really elevated compared to their incidence in past Octobers. There had been a slow gradual increase in all of these issues during the months of July August and September – but October blew it out of the water.

The abstractor herself noted that this increase could NOT be attributed to the old line of “people were just holding on to things and not going into the doctor because of the pandemic.” That is just not the case – that may have been true a year ago – but we can tell by office and ER visits that were completely normal since SEP of 2020 that this is no longer the case.”

IM doctor (who works in a major US hospital), naked capitalism

I have been planning to write an update on the vaccine situation for months now, but each time I felt I was nearly ready to put pen on paper, new developments would emerge that would postpone the inevitable act.

Well, the good news, after reading a vast amount of medical literature, listening to podcasts of worried scientists and lurking on the internet sites that cater to those worried about the impact of the mass vaccination programmes, I am now ready to write where I think we are and more importantly where we are going.

I will be the first to admit that as someone without a scientific/medical background I could be wrong in my prognosis on where we are going on this. However, unlike the vaccinated colleagues, friends and family members who know very little about the vaccines they have injected themselves with, I have done a huge amount of reading and learning over the last 12 months so think I have a certain degree of layman knowledge now.

For those who struggle with the notion that some people may get sick or die in the coming years, I strongly advice that you don’t read any further. This article is for those brave and strong enough to contemplate the potentially horrifying impact of these vaccines.

So, what do we know so far? As discussed in my last post, the VAERS US database of adverse vaccine events recorded by doctors and nurses across the country is our best system to identifying concerning side effects of the vaccines.

Dr Jessica Rose last published her review of the data – that she collects weekly – on this YouTube recording in August 2021.

Her findings are consistent with the earlier data coming back in April 2021 that I referenced in my last blog post. There has been a sustained and shocking rise in cardiovascular, neurological and immunological adverse event (AE) reactions as the mass population was vaccinated with the 1st and 2nd shots of either the DNA/mRNA vaccines (e.g., Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer and Moderna).

Dr Jessica Rose has also, using Pfizer’s own trial data, tried to work out the real rate of AE in the population, which she has calculated as a multiplication factor of 31.

Using that conversion ratio, as at August 2021, she was able to calculate the potential real rate of the various type of AE’s occurring in the wider population.

I think you can agree that these numbers are starting to look quite scary, and the actual numbers will have grown since August. The fertility/reproductive cases are particularly alarming and those who wish to read more about the potential link between vaccines and the spike in miscarriages and fertility issues will find the articles here and here interesting.

What appears to be happening is that prolonged spike protein exposure from repeated vaccine shots and immune suppression/dysregulation are causing harm as shown in the numbers above.

The spike protein is driving the blood clots, heart attacks and miscarriages among the vaccinated.

And if that isn’t bad enough, the gene-based vaccines also appear to be messing with our immune system and making the vaccinated more vulnerable to viruses and diseases, including autoimmune diseases. This medical paper focuses on the potential link between the disabling of the immune system, post-jabbed, that allows cancerous cells to spread.

If you read, again, the report from the IM doctor based in the US, you can see that rates of cancer are starting to soar now across the United States. This is likely to be driven by vaccine caused AE.

The negative impact of the DNA/mRNA vaccines on the vaccinated immune system has also been identified by other medical/scientific experts.

This doctor warned of the alarming results he has been seeing at his clinic recently, see here.

He explains, in the short video, that the impact on the immune system is like Reverse HIV.

Dr Vincent Giampapa, speaking in this podcast, was nominated in 2014 for a Nobel Prize for his ground-breaking-research into cellular restoration technology, as well as the Edison Award for the Healthycell nutritional supplement for cell health.

In this recording, which you can watch from 13 minutes onwards for 5 minutes, Dr Giampapa discusses how the DNA/mRNA vaccines will destroy, over time should we get repeated boosters, our immune system. And, it also could destroy the ability of the child rearing age population to have children over time, if repeatedly vaccinated.

What Dr Giampapa describes is happening to the vaccinated population is equivalent to Reverse HIV and warns that he is very worried about the impact on the vaccinated population over the next 2 to 5 years.

The twitter analyst John Paul, who is not to my knowledge a scientist, does extensively reference scientific papers though, and has a twitter thread explaining Reverse HIV/AIDs as he calls it.

To summarise, Reverse HIV/AID’s is where the multiple vaccinated immune system is progressively destroyed by the DNA/mRNA vaccines, making them effectively immune-compromised and vulnerable to any type of virus or disease circulating in society. That means those that are impacted by Reverse HIV/AID are highly vulnerable to getting seriously ill or dying.

The tipping point where a vaccinated individual immune system tips into dysfunction will vary between one individual and another. Those that had a robust and strong innate immune system may find that they will take longer to succumb than an already immune-compromised individual with existing underlying health conditions.

For what its worth, John Paul thinks the trigger point for Reverse HIV/AID’s for the mass of the vaccinated kicks in after a 4th vaccine but it’s a guessing game at this point.

The growing evidence indicates that the DNA/mRNA vaccines are damaging the immune systems of the jabbed and each successive booster campaign increases the risks of widespread illness and mortality among the vaccinated populations in the coming years.

In my previous post I discussed the risks of Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE). ADE is a risk but so far, with 12 months of data to go on, there is no evidence that ADE is occurring among the vaccinated population to my knowledge.

That indicates that this risk is diminishing as a factor to be worried about in this mass vaccination rollout. However, I would be much more confident asserting this time next year, given that it remains a possibility and something that Dr Geert Vanden Bossche has recently warned about. You can read his full interview here but he is concerned that a rollout of an omicron-specific vaccine could trigger ADE among the vaccinated population.

Dr Bossche has had a reasonably good record of forecasting the evolution of this virus – in March he was predicting that the vaccination rollout would lead to more infectious variants – something, that has been proven right with Delta and Omicron.

Dr Bossche warnings that ADE remains a risk should be something we are mindful of but if, after a rollout of a 4th booster campaign targeting the omicron variant, we see no evidence of ADE, the chances of it happening will look increasingly implausible.

So, to summarise, my outlook – and I could certainly be wrong – is that in the developed world, where we have only used spike protein-based DNA/mDNA vaccines, we will continue to see a continued rise of the vaccinated exhibiting the AE issues shown in the VAERS, Yellow Cards and other equivalent databases in Europe over the coming months and years.

At the same time, the majority of the public, fearful of the virus and unaware of the scale of the side effects and deaths being triggered by these vaccines, will continue to get their booster shots in 2022, increasing the odds of a disastrous medical blowback on the vaccinated population.

A rising tide of sick and dying vaccinated patients will put intolerable pressures on a crumbling healthcare system already on the brink from vaccine mandates, exhausted staff and patient demands. There is a very real risk, and to a certain extent we are already seeing it in the Netherlands lockdown, that every winter going forward, national lockdowns will be required across the developed world to avoid to a total collapse of our healthcare systems.

Should a significant portion of the multi-vaccinated start getting seriously ill or die from the horrendous cocktail of diseases mentioned in the VAERS database, that will increase the pressures on healthcare staff.

There is a very real risk that our key infrastructure in the West, maintained by largely vaccinated employees, will collapse should enough workers get sick or die. That includes our logistic and supply chains, healthcare, IT, transport and electricity systems.

I strongly recommend that you start preparing for shortages and temporary disruption of key goods important to you in the future.

It’s impossible to know how bad its going to get from here. We may find that it is the more immune-compromised and vulnerable populations that are worst affected by what is coming, those who are elderly, ill or in the margins of our society.

Or, it will develop in waves, with the clinically vulnerable worst hit next winter, but the greater (and previously healthy) mass vaccinated population getting ill and, in some cases, dying, in the winters of 2023 to 2025.

My advice to you, whether you are vaccinated or not, is to do whatever you can to naturally boost your immune system. Take vitamin supplements, exercise, embrace a healthy diet and drink moderately. If you are overweight or obese, do whatever you can to get to a healthier body shape.

Whether you choose to take any further vaccines will depend upon your individual situation and perceptions of your risk of Covid. But if you are worried about the longer-term side effects, hopefully some of the links I have provided may be of interest to you. And if you think I’m being alarmist, that’s fine with me. I certainly hope you are right and I am wrong, but time will tell.

The Experiment

6 thoughts on “The Experiment

  1. Bob Mathers says:

    I have noticed the bacterial parasite in the masks issued to schools and workplaces and on the swabs in the PCR tests and had them analysed. The are of the species Borrelia, it is interesting that the deer population of Staton Island which are a very well known carrier of this tick born bacteria are now testing positive to Omicron also. The disease caused by this bacteria Lyme Disease has identical symptoms to Covid. Also I have identified several cancer causing toxins on the RAT swabs (Ethylene Oxide) and in the test strips (Sodium Azide) which gives off a deadly gas.I just wonder if anyone has looked into a link between these chemicals and the massive rise in cancer cases and relapses since their use ? Keep up the good work. I will look into making a donation. Regards Bob.


    1. Hi, thanks for the compliments.

      In regard to masks, yes, I have come across similar stories that prolonged use of the same mark creates the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. That’s why I have always used and thrown away masks within a day or so. I have never used those cloth masks that people use day in, day out for weeks on end. Not only are they useless at stopping the virus they are dangerous for the reasons outlined by you.

      Don’t know about the rise in cancer issues, although I have read persuasive evidence that there is probably a connection with the rollout of the gene vaccines in 2021.


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